Individual Cylinder Control

Industry Standards

The standard practice in the compressed gas industry is to rent cylinders to customers. The customer is responsible for the care of these cylinders when in their possession, until their return. If the customer does not return the cylinder, they are responsible for the replacement value of the cylinder. Currently, if a cylinder is returned via another route, other than directly from the customer, then that cylinder will likely not be taken off the customers account.

Cylinders swapped accidentally

Cylinders forgotten or misplaced at an on-site location

An employee /family member / contractor borrow your cylinder

Someone else returning the cylinder

Cylinders stolen

Authorized a contractor to use your account.

Then you have probably experienced invoicing issues or have been charged up to $3500 for the replacement cost of a lost cylinder.

If not, then it is only a matter of time…

The solution is Messer

Messer Canada Inc. was the first in our industry to introduce and implement closed loop cylinder tracking as part of our process called ICC (Individual Cylinder Control). Since, 1000s of customers have been enjoying its benefits.

Messer has implemented cylinder tracking for you, our customer, to ultimately save you time and money.

Let Messer help you. The ICC service includes cylinder tracking. A nominal fee to all Messer customers will be applied to rental invoices.

How it works

Messer cylinders contain unique bar codes, however even if the bar code is no longer on the cylinder, there is unique information about the cylinder that makes all our cylinders traceable. In the case of a lost bar code, once the cylinder is back at the plant, it will be credited to the respective account and will be retagged with new and unique bar codes.

Each time a cylinder is moved, it is scanned and traced. This provides a closed loop tracking capability.

Only Messer or a Messer authorized partner can fill a Messer owned cylinder. Therefore, all Messer cylinders must eventually come back to our location for filling. When a cylinder is returned to any Messer location, it is automatically removed from the correct customer account regardless of who returned it.

What does this mean for you?

Accurate holdings and fewer disputes due to cylinder tracking. This means that you‘ll spend less time checking or resolving any discrepancies.

Improved Quality Assurance; If the industry needs to recall a product, we will be able to contact only those customers with affected product and we can inform you about the specific cylinders affected.

Can I get assistance with cylinder management?

Messer currently has advanced ICC packages which are able to provide you with detailed reporting. For an additional fee, Messer will be able to assist with recommending the proper cylinder stock level for your business and control your rental charges. With Messer‘s ICC Bronze, Silver or Gold service packages we will be able to greatly assist with efficient stock management and inventory planning.

Messer understands that running a business is challenging. Let Messer help you improve the way you do business by taking the headache out of managing your cylinders. Messer has the solution and it is called ICC (Individual Cylinder Control). Reconciling your cylinder rental invoice is now easier than ever. Messer offers a professional approach to cylinder tracking and that means better efficiency for your business.

In 2012, before cylinder tracking was implemented a customer was charged $75,000 for cylinders that they agreed they had lost!

In 2012, over $600,000 worth of Messer cylinders were lost or stolen.

In 2010, Messer asked our customers, what can we do better? The number one answer was, “track your cylinders”

You spoke, Messer listened.

Any questions? Ask our team. We’re here to help.

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