Messer cultivates lasting relationships with our suppliers. We work together for reliability of supplies, fair prices, increased productivity, and sustainable practices

Being a Messer Supplier

Suppliers are an important part of successful business. Through our clearly defined sourcing process, we aim to ensure that suppliers provide high-quality, cost-competitive and sustainably produced materials and services for our businesses. 

We manage our resources responsibly. We embrace sustainable practices to create a robust and dependable supply chain, and we seek suppliers who achieve our standards for health and safety, human rights and labor standards, legal compliance, integrity and environmental protection. We expect our suppliers to act responsibly and to comply with the following:

Supplier Code of Conduct

Conflict Minerals

General Terms and Conditions

Messer champions those companies in the US classified as small and diverse businesses in the categories below.

Goods & Services

Please review the list of commonly procured goods and services below to see if there is a match with your company’s portfolio.

Supplier Registration

Messer collects basic information about your business such as business name, address, contacts and contact details, remittance address (if different from business address), bank information, tax information and diversity certifications (if applicable).

To facilitate this process Messer utilizes Coupa’s Supplier Information Management (SIM).

Please review the guidance below for specific requirements in the onboarding process:

Register as a New Supplier

Supplier Enablement

As part of its digitalization strategy and continuous improvement efforts, Messer implemented Coupa.

Coupa allows suppliers to comprehensively interact with Messer. This includes viewing purchase orders, setting up delivery methods, creating catalogs, sending invoices and advance ship notices, checking the status of transactions and more.

Supplier Invoicing

As part of our strategy and continuous improvement efforts, Messer has implemented digital processing of supplier invoices.

To avoid delays that could affect the invoice payment process, it is critical that supplier invoices comply with Messer purchase order and invoice requirements as set forth below.

View Messer Invoicing Guidelines

Questions About being a Messer Supplier?

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