Oil and Gas

Improving the efficiency of refineries, upgraders, petrochemical plants, and natural gas processing plants through cleaner processes and products that improve operations and reduce emissions

Changing feedstocks, high energy costs, ever-increasing environmental regulations, and safety concerns have dramatically changed how these types of facilities operate. Environmental pressures are particularly acute in this sector given the dwindling supplies of natural reserves and the effects of climate change. Increasingly severe environmental protection laws dictate cleaner refining processes and fuels, coupled with lower emission levels.

In Canada, producers are challenged with tackling these issues while responsibly developing the vast Oil Sands, while also ensuring economical and responsible production from more traditional Oil & Gas reserves.

In addition, globalization is raising the efficiency bar. Capital investment constraints are encouraging refinery operators to look for alternative ways of increasing efficiency, reducing bottlenecks, and capitalizing on lower-grade crude. Industrial gases can play a vital role in meeting these challenges.

Refineries and chemical processing plants use a wide variety of gases in processing:

  • Nitrogen – used for blanketing, inerting, mixing and pressure transfer
  • Oxygen – For water treatment, and process oxygen enrichment, most notably in Claus, oxidations and FCC processes
  • Hydrogen – For desulfurization, hydrogenations and hydrocracking
  • Carbon Dioxide – for pH control and water treatment
  • Specialty Gases – for testing, compliance, monitoring, personal safety, and analytical needs

Messer’s Specialty Gases are available in a wide variety of cylinder sizes and materials, while Pure Gases are available in both cylinder and bulk form, in varying degrees of purity. Pipeline delivery or on-site production may also be an option for larger volumes. For your peace of mind, our trained experts can also help design and manage your gas delivery system installations.

Messer will bring you Safety, Productivity, Quality, and Environmental benefits in the following areas in particular:

  • Carrier Gases and Calibration Mixtures (Gas and Liquid) for Process Analyzers and Quality Control Laboratories
  • EPA Protocol calibration mixtures and CEM grade Zero Gases for CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems) and stack sampling
  • ECOTOP portable, refillable calibration mixtures with built-in flow control, for calibration and function tests of fixed and portable hazardous Gas Detection systems
  • Industrial Gases and supplies for Welding, Repair, Maintenance, and Purging

At Messer Canada, we have invested heavily in our Canadian infrastructure to ensure that Messer manufactures Specialty Gases IN CANADA for CANADIAN CUSTOMERS.

Our two dedicated Specialty Gas plants are located in Edmonton, Alberta (Hydrocarbon Centre of Excellence) and Whitby, Ontario (Environmental Centre of Excellence), with further Speciality Gas filling capabilities in Langley BC, Calgary AB, Saskatoon SK, Winnipeg MB, Brampton ON, Montreal, QC, Quebec City, QC, and Moncton NB.

Specialty Gases for Canada’s Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries

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