Industrial Gases

Messer Canada produces industrial and specialty gas products that encompass many industries and applications.

All gas cylinders supplied by Messer are labeled in accordance with federal regulations, and valved in accordance with the American National Standards Institute Standard B-57.1 and CGA V-1 Publication for Valve Connections.

Individual gases typically are available as industrial grade. Many mixtures of these gases are also available and often standard mixtures are supplied for specific processing results. Industrial, by definition, is acceptable for wide ranging applications – from welding to food packaging. The most common form of delivery is in low or high pressure cylinders.

Industrial Gas & Hardgoods Products Catalog

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  • Blowtorch with Fire

    Flame Process Gases

    Messer not only provides you with gases for all your requirements in the field of flame process applications and also extensive support for all gas relevant processes.

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  • Oxycetaline Torch Cutting Metal

    Oxy-Fuel Gas Processes

    Messer not only provides you with gases for all applications in the field of cutting and welding but also extensive support for all gas relevant processes.

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  • Fresh Apples

    Food Preserving Atmospheres

    Messer engineers are among the most knowledgeable in the world when it comes to gas-enabled applications, process innovations and application expertise.

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  • Tomatoes in Packaging

    Modified Atmosphere Packaging

    Modified atmosphere packaging has established itself as one of the most effective and sustainable methods of extending the shelf life of foodstuffs. Messer offers exactly the right gases for this purpose.

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  • Colorful Balloons

    Balloon Gas

    Messer helium balloon gas makes every event more fun and festive, and we are one of the premier suppliers of balloon gas in Canada. Safety programs, dependable supplies and flexible delivery add value to our

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  • Messer Technician Inspecting Hydrogen Gas Tank

    Helium & Helium/Hydrogen Mixtures

    Finding optimal solutions for our customers is our motivation. Messer’s application
    technologists support you in the realisation of your projects.

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  • Laser Cutting Metal

    Laser Gases for Welding & Cutting

    Our Lasline gas family unites our laser cutting know-how with our extensive experience in the delivery of fully integrated laser solutions.

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  • Welder working on metal

    Shielding Gases for Welding

    The experts from Messer are happy to advise you. Qualified advice on the welding and cutting processes making up your production is our trademark.

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  • Welder working within gas tank

    The Ozoline Family of Shielding Gases

    Ozoline is a complete range of Messer shielding gases designed to improve the quality and productivity of almost any welding application. Due to their capacity to
    reduce the level of ozone in a welding area Ozoline shielding gases provide an
    excellent foundation for other efforts to improve the working environment of welders.

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  • Welding torch

    Thermal Spray Gases

    Messer offers a full range of gases that ensures you have the right gas for each application

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