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Technician inspecting gas lines

Whether your work involves MRI machines, oil and gas recovery or ice cream sandwiches, it’s virtually guaranteed that industrial gases fill an essential role in your business.

That’s where we come in.

Messer is one of the largest and most innovative and experienced suppliers of industrial gases, equipment and expertise in the world. We’ve helped countless customers optimize their production lines and reach new levels of quality, safety, efficiency and ecological responsibility.

Let us help you innovate new ways to turn your vision for tomorrow into practical plans for today.


  • Chemistry

    Base and bulk gases for every sector of the industry, from petrochemicals and plastics to chlor-alkali and biopharma

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  • Electronics

    Electronic grade specialty gases, neon, argon, helium and more, as well as design and installation of gas systems, fueling stations and trans-fills

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  • Environmental

    Gases and technologies for precise monitoring, analysis and cleaning of air, drinking water and wastewater

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  • Food and Beverage

    Food-grade gases and cryogenic freezing and chilling process expertise and equipment to maximize consistency, freshness and efficiency

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  • Glass and Minerals

    Gases and applications specifically suited for flat and container glass, fiber and glass insulation (e.g., advanced OXIPYR™ burners and tin-bath inerting)

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  • Healthcare

    Oxygen for hospitals, helium for MRIs and excimer lasers for vision are just a few of the products and services we provide in healthcare

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  • Manufacturing and Industrial Processes

    Gases, mixtures and pressure building equipment for welding and laser cutting, inert gas use, thermal spray, and melting

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  • Metals

    Gases and applications specifically suited for heat treatment, additive manufacturing, combustion, melting, forging and casting processes

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  • Oil and Gas

    Custom-configured delivery, storage, and enhanced upstream recovery technologies. Messer offers cutting-edge techno-economic solutions for a specific well, along with patented and time-proven technologies for downstream refining

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