Air Pollution Control

HCFC (Hydrochlorofluorocarbon) refrigerants are the second generation of fluorine-based refrigerants, the original replacements for CFCs.

International accords such as the Montreal or Kyoto protocols call on industry everywhere to monitor, control and reduce their emissions before discharging them into the environment. Smoke Stack Emission and Continuous Emission Monitors use a variety of analyzers and gas specific detection sensors to verify daily emission levels conformance to legislative requirements, as well as potential participation in emission trading schemes.

Messer offers the full range of EPA certified mixes and pure gases to match your needs. Most of the mixes are made here in Canada at either our Whitby (ON) or Edmonton (AB) plant. You can then benefit from the flexibility and responsiveness of our national supply.

Laboratory testing of Soil and Water measures contamination resulting from air emissions, landfills, chemical spills, and Wastewater. Please refer to the Laboratories section for additional information.

Environmental, Health and Safety instrumentation requires calibration to ensure personal detection equipment operates at peak efficiency, while regional Automotive emission testing takes place to ensure pollution levels are minimized.

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