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The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industries.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industries. A significant part of its sales revenue is reinvested into research and development of new products, an area that requires a wide variety of specialty gases and equipment. Research and development take place in pharmaceutical laboratories using analytical instruments such as gas chromatographs with multiple detectors, liquid chromatographs, UV/VIS spectrometers and NMR spectrometers. The effective operation of these instruments depends on the use of the appropriate gas or mixture.

In the complex world of today, the pharmaceutical industry continues to demand increasingly advanced products aimed at improving modern-day life. This is why Messer Gas has an in-depth understanding of the many regulations that govern the industry. Gases are employed as process aid or excipient in most areas of industry. Such areas include, for example, many processes in the manufacture of APIs and pharmaceuticals.

This also includes R&D as well as production and quality control. Messer Gas is not merely a supplier of gas and gas-related hardware. With our expertise and special abilities, we at Messer Gas are capable of doing so much more for you with regard to the safety, quality, and productivity of your processes.

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