Metals Draft

World-class gases and next-level solutions for the metal industry, from installing additive manufacturing to fueling your furnace

The metalworking industry may have begun thousands of years ago, but it continues to grow and evolve at an exciting pace. Technologies such as oxygen lances are imbuing older furnaces with cutting-edge efficiency, and revolutionary new processes such as additive manufacturing are transforming production, enabling the 3D printing of metal parts that would have been impossible just a decade ago.

Messer is proud to serve the metal industry and eager to help you with whatever project you envision, whether it’s getting the most out of your existing melt shop, minimizing your environmental impact, or establishing entirely new production lines. We know the industry inside and out, and we take the time to develop a deep understanding of your specific needs and requirements. Add that proven expertise and attentiveness to our unrivaled technological development capabilities, and you get turn-key solutions that optimize your systems and give you a tangible competitive advantage.

Iron and Steel Production

Enhance energy efficiency, productivity and product quality while reducing emissions and fuel consumption with our gases and products, including Messer’s High Level Lancing oxygen lances, flame and flameless oxyfuel and air-oxy-fuel burner solutions and technology, and our solutions for ladle preheating, EAF melting, AOD practices, tuyere optimization, casting and forging operations.

Non-Ferrous Metals Production

Full-service solutions for your melting and casting of non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper, bronze, lead and mixed alloys, including low-temperature air-oxy and oxyfuel technologies, combustion applications, and argon, oxygen, helium and other industrial gas solutions from Messer.

Metals Processing and Heat Treatment

Gases and equipment for all manner of metal treatments, including hardening, joining processes, reactive processes, cold treatment, and cryotreatment, including Messer’s pre-heating burners for annealing.

Metals Fabrication

Everything you need for additive manufacturing, 3D printing, pre-and-post processing of metal powders used, as well as post printing heat treatment such as HIP. These include our ASURE3D™ Atmosphere Control for 3D Process Quality, the ASURE3D™ Atmosphere Control for Powder Metal Storage Quality and the perfect gases for your application.

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