AirSTORM Cobra AFT Portable Fume Extractor

Outperforming the Competition

AirSTORM Cobra AFT Portable Fume Extractor

The AirSTORM Cobra AFT is the industry’s most powerful, reliable, and convenient-to-use portable fume extractor – now with high/low modes for maximum performance. The dual motor design allows the welder to switch on just one motor for typical light duty work, and switch on a second motor for more demanding applications.

The ability to switch between high and low modes empowers the operator to choose between a higher capture range and less time spent repositioning with two motors running and a quieter running, lower capture range with one motor running. Welding in the field or confined spaces requires a portable fume extractor that people will actually use.

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  • Designed for light-medium duty welding
  • Attaches quickly to MiG Fume Extraction Guns
  • Lightweight, exceptionally portable design
  • Nanofiber MERV 15 Filter Cartridge
  • Magnetic nozzle base for secure nozzle placement
  • Filter service indicator


  • Protect your breathing zone by filtering harmful weld fumes with high efficiency nanofiber technology
  • Meet and exceed North American safety standards, including OSHA, for weld fume capture-at-source


  • HEPA primary filter – 99.97% @ 0.3 micron
  • Spunbond Polyester Filter Cartridge (washable)
  • Auto on/off Fume Extraction Gun Kit

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AirSTORM Cobra AFT Data Sheet

Want to learn more about the AirSTORM Cobra AFT Portable Fume Extractor, download the data sheet here.


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Product Specifications

Primary Filter

Comes with: Nanofiber MERV 15 efficient cartridge filter captures particles at the submicron level, and surface-loading technology allows dust to be easily dislodged during cleaning with compressed air.

AirSTORM Cobra AFT Operation & Maintenance Manual

For in-depth information on the AirSTORM Cobra AFT Portable Fume Extractor, download the Operation & Maintenance Manual here.


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