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The SolidWELD MIG 250GS II machine is an inverter-based MIG & Stick machine with spool gun function. It delivers smooth arc characteristics that will help you complete high quality welds. This machine comes complete with three types of wire feed rollers; V groove for use with solid carbon manganese and stainless steel U groove for use with soft wire such as aluminium and knurled rollers for Flux Core wire. Ideal for sheet metals, stainless steel and aluminium fabrication.Suits light industrial, maintenance and DIY jobs.

Package Includes:

  • MIG 250GS II arc welding machine
  • Power cable and plug
  • 300A ground clamp and return lead
  • 4 meters MIG gun torch
  • Tool box and torch holder
  • 3 meters gas hose (quick connect)
  • Spare feed rolls (Knurled 0.8-0.9/1.0-1.2, V groove 0.8-0.9/1.0-1.2 and U groove 0.6-0.8/0.9-1.0/1.0-1.2)
  • 300A Electrode Holder
  • Steel chain
  • Operating manual

Service and Warranty

3-year limited warranty covers parts and labour. Excludes torches and consumable items. Warranty will not apply if operating and service instructions are not followed.

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