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Given the importance of maximizing MRI system uptime, you need a supplier who can guarantee the cryogen supply required for operation of your MRI system(s). Messer is a proven partner serving MRI system manufacturers, third party service providers and individual hospitals/clinics.

Messer operates one of the world’s largest helium plants in Otis, Kansas and several other facilities around the world including Algeria, Qatar and Australia. Our network of more than 50 helium transfill facilities, located in all major MRI markets around the globe, provides the most reliable distribution network in the industry.

Messer’s innovative technologies helps customers improve efficiencies and minimize costs through innovations. By the use of Messer’s high-efficiency transfer lines, and state of the art dewars, Messer can display some of the highest transfer efficiencies of the MRI industry, often leading to savings of liquid helium in the range of 10% or more.

At Messer’s MRI customer service centers experienced service representatives are ready to assist you in every aspect of cryogen supply, from scheduling deliveries to cryogen handling and safety products. As a Messer customer, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of Messer’s ColdServe™ services, a cost-effective cryogen filling program designed to maximize magnet performance and minimize the total cost associated with cryogens.The program equips trained Messer experts with innovative tools to ensure the highest level of uptime at MRI sites, while relieving your facility of the burden and associated cost of managing cryogen levels and efficiencies.

Professional Messer technicians monitor cryogen levels and maximize transfer efficiency, using a database management system, which schedule and tracks cryogen usage trends. If problems do arise, Messer’s flexible service hours avoid unnecessary MRI system downtime, any time, day or night.

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