ClearVIEW OHE510

ClearVIEW OHE510

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

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A stylish welding helmet fitted with an ADF with great optical classification suitable for most welding applications, comes with a comfortable headgear with smooth ratchet.

The welding helmet is the latest addition under the ClearVIEW brand and comes with EN175 B rating shell and new high quality auto darkening filter (ADF) 4/5-8/9-13 with grind function. This allows the operator to use this helmet for various welding applications including pre and post weld operations. The ADF retainer allows easy fitting of the magnification lens. The Helmet is manufactured from a High Impact Resistant Nylon (PA).

OHE510 welding helmets afford reliable protection for the eyes when electric arc welding. They offer permanent protection against UV/IR rays, heat & sparks in any state from the clear to dark. The protection shades of the OHE510 welding helmets have been chosen to avoid eye damage caused by the welding arc.

OHE510 welding helmets allow the welder to see the point of arc strike more precisely. This leads to a real time saving. The helmet does not have to be flipped up and down during welding, both hands are kept free and because of the helmets lightweight fatigue is reduced.

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