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Welding PAPR Complete System

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The ClearVIEW PA700 is a stylish powered air purifying respirator based on the principle of circulating filtered air into the hood. The lightweight belt-mounted blower unit delivers filtered air via an air hose into a headtop (welding hood) The supply of filtered air creates positive pressure inside of the headtop, which prevents the external contaminated air from entering the user’s breathing zone. 

Every aspect of the welding environment has been taken into consideration and shown in the design. For example the hose comes complete with a cotton FR treated cover to reduce the risk of damage from spatter. 

The ClearVIEW PA700 provides a constant flow of 180 I/min ensuring that positive pressure is always maintained. It features a dual warning system using both audible and visual alarms to warn the user if the flow rate drops below 170 I/min, if the battery level is low, or a filter is blocked. 

The ClearVIEW OHE410 headtop is equipped with a high quality 4/9-13 electronic Auto Darkening Filter (ADF) with grind function lens. The ADF provides complete UV and IR light protection in both dark and clear states and is powered by solar cells with an enclosed back up Lithium battery.

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