Gas Detection

HCFC (Hydrochlorofluorocarbon) refrigerants are the second generation of fluorine-based refrigerants, the original replacements for CFCs.

The use of gases always represents a certain level of danger which may varies with quantities stocked, nature of the gases, design of the storing room, ventilation, etc. Accidental gas release could be caused by a small leak on the regulator-cylinder valve connection or an equipment failure; consequences on each of these extreme scenarios could be equally dramatic with the right conditions, so no situation should be treated lightly. Gases like helium, nitrogen or argon are chemically neutral, but the danger lies in the fact that they displace oxygen and may represent an anoxia threat if allowed to go below 19.5%. Oxygen is also a threat often underestimated as an enriched oxygen atmosphere may cause normally non-flammable objects take on fire in the presence of a spark.

Messer offers a wide range of fixed gas detectors, personal gas monitors, all the gases and related handling equipment to perform recommended daily checks and semi-annual calibrations.

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