Enhanced Oil Recovery

Carbon dioxide and nitrogen are highly effective gases when used in EOR (i.e., improved oil recovery) projects.

Messer is the largest supplier of carbon dioxide in North America and designs, builds, owns and operates on-site air-separation plants that supply nitrogen for EOR projects. These plants separate nitrogen from air and compress it to reservoir injection pressures.

Messer is the prime nitrogen supplier to Pemex for the world’s largest nitrogen injection EOR project, located in Cantarell, Mexico.

These injectants force oil from injection wells towards production wells, maintain reservoir pressure and increase flow using Huff-n-Puff techniques. Under certain conditions, the gas can become miscible with crude, lowering its viscosity and thereby further enhancing recovery.

The carbon dioxide Huff-n-Puff process can increase oil production from stripper and other low-volume wells by injecting a slug of carbon dioxide at less than frac pressure into the oil bearing formation. The well is shut in for a time determined by the bottom hole pressure. Excellent results in light oil formations have been experienced throughout the U.S.

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