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The global leader in providing advanced food chilling and freezing solutions to the food industry

For more than four decades Messer has been providing innovative solutions for unique challenges by partnering closely with our customers and using our extensive research and development resources. As the global leader in providing advanced food chilling and freezing solutions to the food industry, Messer is uniquely qualified to meet your most pressing needs.

Our cryogenic solutions use carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases to very quickly reduce the temperature of food products, either to improve processing or as a means of preservation. Our flexible cryogenic systems are easy to install, efficient to maintain and provide consistent processing temperatures to help maintain product quality.

Today Messer’s modern chilling system designs incorporate the latest concepts to increase efficiency, at the same time meeting the highest hygiene standards of the industry.

Messer offers a family of food chilling equipment to meet these modern requirements. To determine the best chilling system for your application, please review the information contained in the specific food product pages

  • Kryojector

    Our bottom-injection chilling systems use liquid cryogen to chill dough, seafood products or even ground meat or poultry with cutting-edge efficiency. Plus, our hygienically designed KRYOJECTOR™ injectors provide batch to batch consistency, prevent plugging, and retrofit simply into your existing system.

  • Combo Chiller

    The Messer Combo Chiller is designed to provide accurate and consistent chilling of meat products that are packed and shipped in bulk containers (combo bins).

  • Snow Generator

    The Messer Snow Generator is a snow hood designed to deposit CO₂ snow into open containers or mixer/blenders. The system can be adapted to many chilling applications and is used in conjunction with a Messer control panel to control injection time

  • Dry Ingredient Chiller

    The Messer Flour Dry Ingredient Chilling System is designed to chill flour during conveying in the pneumatic conveying line, adding the precise amount of cryogen needed to obtain a consistent flour temperature from batch to batch.

  • Snow Horn

    Messer snow horns provide a simple, cost effective method to accurately control temperature conditions in your chilling operations. Snow horns are easily adaptable to most existing chilling systems.

  • Bottom Injection

    Bottom Injection Chilling is the most efficient means of chilling food products in a mixer or blender. Bottom Injection Chilling introduces a cryogen into a batch of food product at the bottom of a given system.

  • Automated Box Chiller

    Each automated box chilling system consistently fills boxes on a conveyor with precise quantity of CO₂ snow, replacing the need for conventional dry ice or water ice systems when processing poultry, pork, seafood and other valuable chilled foods.

  • Dri-Pack System

    The Messer Dri-Pack system is designed to automatically deposit a predetermined amount of CO₂ snow into boxes packed with meat products or perishable goods.. The system can accommodate various box sizes.

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