Heat Treatment Draft

World-class gases and equipment for heat treatments, from annealing to sintering

Whatever heat treatment process you employ, Messer has you covered. We offer cutting-edge technology, superior gases for furnace atmospheres, and in-depth knowledge culled from extensive experience. We’ll provide the solutions you need for your heat treatment needs.


Want your product to have a bright surface finish? Then you’ve probably looked into nitrogen- or hydrogen-based annealing. Our technologies may help you control atmospheric composition and uniformity, which maximizes the quality of your finished products, all at optimized costs.

Furnace Brazing

We can help you optimize conditions inside your furnace, which reduces total costs, increases productivity, and improves the quality of your finished products.

Carburizing & Carbonitriding

Our market-leading systems give you exacting control over atmospheric carbon, enabling you to adhere to even the most exacting product specifications.

Neutral Hardening

Looking for the most cost-efficient way to avoid oxidation and decarburization during this commonly used, but still exacting process? Our gases and technologies are exactly what you need.

Sub-Zero Treatment

Not every temperature-related treatment uses heat—as this frigid technique demonstrates. Messer has everything you need, from cryogenic cooling systems designed and optimized especially for you to the continent’s most reliable supply of liquid nitrogen.

Nitriding & Nitrocarburizing

Two of the best processes for imbuing a product with scuff resistance—especially with Messer providing both top-quality ammonia and expert advice.

Powder Metal Sintering

Messer is your go-to provider for all the nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and other gases you need to make this process run smoothly. We also provide technology that enables precision control over carbon levels and ensures that every sintered part meets your standards of quality.

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