ClearVIEW Retractable Weld Screen

ClearVIEW Retractable Weld Screen

ClearVIEW Welding Screen

Easy to Use, Portable & Flexible

Easy Operation

The welding screen uses tension from the roller base to keep the guard tight once it is connected opposite to the base. The operator simply walks the guard from the base mount roller to the latches located on the opposite side of the work cell.


When it is time to move a product into or out of the work cell, the operator unlatches the guard, and walks it back to the roller base. If needed, the positioning of the Portable Retractable Weld Screen can be customized instantly.


The Retractable Weld Screen provides you with flexibility on your factory floor. The enclosures ability to retract allows you to move large materials through workspace without any issues.

Key Benefits

• Mounting Versatility
• Quick & Easy Storage
• Readily Available
• Unlimited Configurations • Easy Operation


  • Eliminates the effort of man-handling large sections of stationary guards
  • Allows rapid access for forklifts into work cell
  • Conserves floor space
  • Protects against welding sparks, heat, ultraviolet light and flying debris
  • The retractable welding screen will extend up to 20 feet in length
  • The spring tension roller is always taut and automatically retracts
  • When not in use the industrial retractable shade stores rolled up
  • The welding screen requires no overhead suspension which allows top access
  • Overhead cranes have a clear path into the work cell when rolled up
  • The industrial welding screen attaches with a simple J-hook opposite the roller
  • The welding shade can be easily replaced if damaged

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ClearVIEW Retractable Weld Screen

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